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Who is Penny??

The Story Behind the Passion...

My name is Andrea. I am a serial entrepreneur and a very passionate dog mom. Penny is my 4lb toy poodle, my heart and my soul. 
 But let me back up....
I have had the pleasure of being guardian to a number of dogs in my adult life. I made the choice when I was fairly young to not have human children - I only wanted ones with fur. 
19 years ago, my Wheaten Terrier Rocky started me on my journey into animal wellness with natural modalities as my focus. He taught me so much in his life with me and I am forever blessed by his lessons and his love. 
Fast forward to May of 2018 and into my life pops my new rescue (now named Penny). She was 2.9lbs, malnourished, scared, sick and yet still so full of love and light. 
Penny collapsed 2 weeks after coming into my care. I had to perform CPR for 20 minutes to get her back. Her diagnosis was a Grade 2, Moblitz Type II heart block. I threw myself into learning, utilized homeopathy, nutrition and love to make her well and she is now cleared of all issues and living a blessed life.
All of my animals have been my teachers and my guides and I am so happy to be able to share my journey with all of you.  


Get to Know Us

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Owner Penny's Path & Dog Mom

19 years experience with raw feeding, homeopathy for dogs and holistic modalities for achieving animal wellness
Founder, The Bone and Biscuit Co. Cloverdale (2012)
Co-Founder, The Adored Beast Apothecary (2015)
Trained Animal Nutritionist
CAHM Animal Homeopath

Chairperson, PVCA Animal Rescue Society Canada (2019-Present)

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Those who have left...gone but not forgotten

Rocky, Gracie and Tito are my furry kids who are no longer with me. Each one taught me so much about health, love and determination. 
Rocky (1997-2009) had Inflammatory Bowel Disease and was successfully treated with homeopathy and a raw food diet.
Gracie (2002-2011) passed from Liver Cancer - she was the best dog ever! 
Tito just passed in 2017 after a very long issue with lymphoma and stomach cancer. He defied all odds (and conventional vet opinion) and lived with bounce, enthusiasm and glee until eventually succumbing to his disease. 
 I carry all of them in my heart and am determined to help others learn from their journeys.  

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